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Mytholmroyd Change of Date to Sunday 14th December

Please note that the Mytholmroyd race has been put back by a week to Sunday 14th December.  All other details are unchanged and can be seen here.

Three Shires 20-09-2014 - Car Parking

The present good weather and continuing forecast mean that we are able to use fields close to the Start for parking this year.
Please follow directions – no field is further than 300m away, and please have £2 ready to give the marshall.
You will be given a COMPETITOR’S LETTER and a RACE ENTRY FORM at the car park.
Read the first one and complete the second one before you come to Registration. It will save time.
It will also save time if you could have the exact £8 entry fee ready at Registration.
NB In spite of our best efforts the Langdale Marathon is again clashing with us – don't be confused by any ‘Race Parking’ signs which send you into Great Langdale!
Thank You       Selwyn

English Championships

To see the results after Sedbergh Hills please click here

FRA Basic Navigation Courses

An introduction to map reading and navigation on the fells for those new to fell running or wishing to try races requiring navigation skills.

The course consists of practical instruction sessions on the fells during Saturday and Sunday.

Indoor theory sessions will cover the basic skills and other relevant topics on Friday evening.

There will be low-key navigation events for you to test your improving skills.

Cost is £75 for FRA members and £95 for non-members, including full board.

Courses are held in Spring and Autumn, the next one being Friday 26th to Sunday 28thSeptember 2014.

Dates for 2015 are yet to be finalised.

For details write (with SAE) or email:-

Margaret Batley, 3 Hillside Close, Addingham, Ilkley, W Yorks LS29 0TB

Sat 15th Nov 2014 – Tour Of Pendle

There has been a rumour circulating that the 2014 Tour is full and only the reserve list is open.  This is not true, I have 68 entries to date so 432 places still left.  


Fan Fawr 4th October 2014 - Cancelled

Due to unforeseen circumstances Fan Fawr on the 4th October 2014 has been cancelled. The organisers offer sincere apologies for this and plan to return with one of South Wales' favourite fell races next year.

Windgather Race Cancelled - 12th October

Andrew Heywood, organiser of the Windgather race on Sunday 12th October, has reluctantly cancelled the race due to unacceptable conditions being incorporated into the access agreement by the land owners.  It is hoped that these conditions will be relaxed in the future and that race will return.

Screes 18th October - Correction to Organiser and Change of Venue

The organiser of the Screes race on Saturday 18th October is Carol Emmons and the venue has been changed to the Strands Inn.  Full details here.

Bovey Beauty Change of Date to Sun 19th Oct

The date of the Bovey Beauty has been changed to Sunday 19th October.  All other details are unchanged and can be found here.

Relay Championships 2014

The routes are posted. Go to
Bottom of the web site under maps.

FRA documents

As announced in the most recent Fell Runner the Committee are reviewing our current documents. Copies of the current drafts have been sent to all Race organisers and some other members for comment.
If any other members would like a copy please contact me on or 07956344174

Fellrunner - picture research, copy editing, proof reading

If you have experience of working in these areas and would like to volunteer to help out with Fellrunner magazine, please contact the editor. He could do with some help! thanks, Ed.

English Championships

To see the results and read the report, after Kentmere, please click here

Fairfield race – 2014

I am still keen to obtain the contact details of a male and a female runner who were on the course, unregistered, at Fairfield.

I have two photos sent to me by the race organiser:

If you know them and their contact details could you please forward them to me.


Nick Harris





Fairfield Fell race 2014 – Unregistered runner

The FRA disciplinary committee has considered a allegation from the organiser of the Fairfield fell race that Philip Jamieson ran the race course whilst unregistered. The allegation was that this action put the safety of runners, who had entered the race, at potential risk. We have upheld the allegation and decided that Philip Jamieson should be banned from entering any races registered with the FRA for a period of 3 months, expiring on 27 Sept. I will also be sending a copy of this decision to all race organisers asking that they don’t let him enter any races during this period.

Nick Harris


Race Organisers - Documents

Click here to use Jim Godwin's race organiser program

Sandstone Trail Races - Change of date to Saturday 27th September

Please note that the date of the Sandstone Trail races has been changed to Saturday 27th September.

Legal advice and help with drafting a document for juniors.

The FRA Committee have been building up a reference group of members with specific expertise and who can help and advise us from time to time. To date we have input in relation to insurance; safety, both mountain rescue and health and safety; juniors/coaching and from some race organisers.
1.  Could you offer legal advice to the FRA Committee on draft documents etc?
2. We are putting together a leaflet for juniors and have text that would look very uninviting to any junior member. Could you offer help with an improved layout e.g. cartoons/photos? (Junior members putting themselves forward would be welcomed.)
Suitable payments will be made to those appointed, if required.
If you like to put yourself forward you are welcome to send me a brief resume to or phone me on 07956344174
Nick Harris, Secretary

Insurance - 'hazards'

British Athletics/UKA has a statement on ‘hazards’ on their website which has caused concerns to a number of race organisers:
“Hazardous Activities Exclusion – this policy does not apply to liability arising out of hazardous activities which increase the risk of bodily injury or damage to property. This includes but is not limited to amusement rides, bonfires, bouncy castles, fairground rides, fireworks, inflatables.”
We have been in correspondence with British Athletics/UKA on this and, a number of other issues in relation to insurance and further details will be sent to race organisers at a later date when this dialogue is finalised.  However we have been able to gain clarity that:
'The intention of this exclusion is to remove hazardous risks which are not part and parcel of the core activities of the insured parties.  It does not exclude any athletic activities that are approved by British Athletics, which do include fell running.'
I hope that will remove the anxiety I know some organisers have.
Nick Harris

Turbine Tangle - 20th September

The Turbine Tangle, scheduled for Saturday 20th September has been cancelled because of the further development of the wind farm.

2014 English Championships qualification

If you are not a first claim member of an English club and either registered with the appropriate part of British Athletics or a member of the FRA, please notify the FRA statistician by e-mail ( or by letter (see address on website) prior to the first race in the 2014 English Championship (Pendle - Sat. 5 April) to advise of your eligibility as follows:
  • born in England or resident in England for a minimum of twelve months prior to the date of the first race in the 2014 English Championship and;
  • a member of a club outside England which is affiliated to British Athletics or an unattached runner who is a member of the FRA.

FRA Hypothermia Leaflet

Can be downloaded here

England Athletics registration

Following a change of management at England Athletics they have advised us that they are no longer able to continue the arrangement whereby members of the FRA can obtain free registration with EA.
If you have obtained EA registration via the FRA it will lapse from April 2014.  EA registration does not affect access to fell races in any way, but it will mean you have to enter as ‘unattached’ for other England Athletics events, notably road races that you may wish to compete in.
Should you wish to continue to be registered with England Athletics you should go through an EA affiliated club, and pay the £10 EA fee via them. At the moment there is no arrangement for athletes to register direct with EA.

FRA Radios

Monitoring runners is a vital aspect of the safe conduct of fell races and so the FRA has long had a set (6) of Motorola radios available for free loan to race organisers.
The FRA has now purchased three further sets (of 6) of a more powerful Motorola model which have much improved radio coverage.
These are available on free loan from Jon Broxap via Pete Bland Sports where they are stored.
Race organisers are urged to make use of this facility.
The FRA is committed to do all it can to ensure safety in fell races and if future demand for radios from race organisers exceeds supply then the FRA will purchase additional sets to safeguard the future of the sport.