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Annual plea

Please can you put my annual plea (note) on the FRA website asking last years recipients to return their trophies,ASAP, either to the shop or van.
The Dinner looms......
Jonathan Broxap
01539 731012

FRA Dinner – down to the last few tickets!!!

Helen Holcroft has sold all the available tickets, but there are still some available at Pete Bland Sports.  Helen will keep a reserve list, so that any returned tickets can be used, but contact Pete Bland Sports quickly if you want to go.
Send Helen an email on if you have not managed to get one from PBS and she will add you to the reserve list.

AGM 2015

Members will find the draft minutes of the 2015 AGM posted on the FRA - AGM page of the website. These draft minutes will be formally placed before the 2016 AGM for approval.
Nick Harris, Secretary

Clay Bank West 18th October - Race Postponed

The Clay Bank West race scheduled for Sunday 18th October has been put back to February 2016

Last drop Fell Race 2015

Ian Joslin - Astley and Tyldesley
Following an allegation that the above runner failed to enter the race, ran the course and then went home without paying we have decided to impose a ban on him entering races registered by the FRA for 3 months expiring on 15 Nov. 2015. A copy of this decision is being sent to all race organisers.

Rules for Race Organisers

It has been drawn to the attention of the FRA that there has been a violation of race rules in relation to the enforcement of mandatory kit rules at a race in 2015 and a failure to complete the FRA required checklist.  The FRA will be appointing a Race Liaison Officer to work with the Race Organiser in 2016 to avoid further problems. The FRA wishes to remind all race organisers of the importance of keeping to the Rules for Race Organisers.
Nick Harris

Wrekin Wrecker - Change of Date

Please note that the Wrekin Wrecker, originally scheduled for 22nd November has been moved to Sunday 15th November to avoid a clash with another event.


The FRA has held it's 2015 AGM.
We thanked retiring members for their services to the FRA: Madeleine Watson, Chair for the past 3 years but previously Treasurer, Statistician and Junior Co-ordinator; Graham Breeze, also a previous Chair and Chair of the International selection committee etc. and Duncan Richards, Junior Co-ordinator.
A list of the new Committee is set out on the FRA Committee page including how you can contact the members.  Details of a further  25 + FRA members on the various sub-Committees will be posted in the Fellrunner.
Some changes were made at the AGM to the Articles and the revised version have been posted here as have the Executive Committee report and the Annual Accounts 2014 - 15 here

Andrew Heywood Memorial Windgather Race 11th October - Change of Organiser

The Windgather race has been renamed in memory of the previous organiser of the event, Andrew Heywood, who sadly died earlier this year. The race has been taken on by Julian Brown whose contact information appears in the race details here .

Disciplinary Decisions

Clive Fitzpatrick aka Clive Gurzhii
This unattached runner is currently serving a ban from entering FRA registered races which was due to expire on 6 June.  Further violations of the rules have been drawn to our attention, including entering Lads Leap and Pendle Fell races under a false name and so potentially hindering the safe organisation of the race. A further ban has been imposed expiring on 13 June 2016.  A copy of this decision is being sent to all race organisers.

Eligibility qualifications for the English Championships

1. First claim member of an English club and registered with England Athletics. Runners must be members of the FRA if they are not registered with England Athletics.
2. Member of a club outside England which is registered with the appropriate home country athletics federation but born in England or resident in England for a minimum of twelve months prior to the date of the first Championship race.
3. Unattached members of the FRA born in England or resident in England for a minimum of twelve months prior to the date of the first Championship race. 
* Runners qualifying under2. or 3. above must notify the FRA Statistician either in writing or by e-mail prior to the date of the first Championship race. 

Race Organisers - Documents

Click here to use Jim Godwin's race organiser program