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The 2017 handbook and Winter Fellrunner magazine will be posted out from the printers next week so if you want to get yours for Christmas and you do not have a valid Direct Debit instruction in place then you need to RENEW your membership in the next few days. Don't leave it too late folks.
Just click on the "Edit/Renew" button on the Membership page.

Hexhamshire Hobble 4th Dec - Change of Race Contact/Organiser

The race contact/organiser of the Hexhamshire Hobble on Sunday 4th December has changed to Brendon Jackson.  His details and the rest of the race information is available here.

Long Mynd Valleys English Champs Race 2107 Date Change

The date of the English Championship Long Mynd Valleys race in 2017 has been changed to Saturday 25th March.

Autumn/Winter Fellrunner update

The next edition of the Fellrunner is being sent to the printers w/c 21 November and copies will be posted out soon after.

Mytholmroyd 11th December - Change Race Contact/Organiser

The race contact and organiser of the Mytholmroyd race on Sunday 11th December has changed to Phill Beecroft, full race details here.

Disciplinary Action

At the Langdale Horseshoe Fell Race on 8th October, a runner ran in the race number allocated to another runner. Both runners have been barred from any participation in all races registered with the Fell Runners Association Limited for a period of three months from 8th October.
The FRA Requirements for Runners (the "Runners Rules") 8. Disciplinary Action clearly states  
"The FRA may take disciplinary action such as banning a competitor from future races, and your club may also impose sanctions if your actions reflect badly on them.  Absolute’ no-nos’ are quitting a race without telling the Organiser, running in someone else’s vest number, or cheating on the kit requirements.

2017 GB Mountain Selection

The 2017 GB mountain running selection criteria can now be found under the international page.  Due to the World Championships being held much earlier (end of July) in 2017, the selection policy is different to previous years.  We envisage this being a one off.

Sarah Rowell

Litton Christmas Cracker 11th December - Taking Place As Planned

Despite rumours to the contrary, the Litton Christmas Cracker is going ahead as planned on Sunday 11th December, now with the support of members of Buxton AC.  Details here.

English Champs results for 2016

Individuals and teams here

Amendment to the British Championship races 2017

The Welsh counter, provisionally advertised as August 12thElidir Fawr –Short, will now be;
The Maesgwm Muddle - Medium. Still on Saturday 12th August 2017.
Thank you
Judith Jepson

Sad news - Dave Parry

It with great sadness that I have to pass on the news that Dave Parry passed away this morning (10th October 2016) at home with his family. For over a year Dave has battled against cancer, but in recent weeks his condition deteriorated and now the very sad conclusion.

For anyone who has been involved in running in Teesside and North Yorkshire in the last 50 years and you will have competed against Dave, been coached by Dave or competed in a race organised by Dave.

Dave has competed on the road, cross country and his passion on the hills and fells; on his day you had your work cut-out to beat Dave.

As a coach he has helped many to develop their potential and make their mark in running.

As a race organiser Dave was prolific. In the most recent edition of Fell Runner the Fell Running Association’s magazine it was reported he had organised 1500 races. what started out as midweek training runs, developed into the North East Hill Running Association Winter and Summer Fell Race Series, often involving 25-30 races each year.

Not only did Dave organise his own races he helped out other, adjudicating many road races for local running clubs.

He was involved on the club scene with Middlesbrough Mandale, NYMAC and set up Esk Valley Fell Club.

Dave was never apparently fazed by anything when organising races, be it an issue minor or major, a local or national championship race.

Dave leaves a terrific legacy of hill running on the North Yorkshire Moors, as a person always good humoured, with a story to tell anda true gent.                                                                                                                 

Rest in peace Dave.

Clive Thornton    Esk Valley Fell Club



2017 Race Registration

All 2016 race organisers have been sent information on how to apply for a 2017 race license (previously known as a permit).  If you are a new organiser, or haven't received this information, please contact me.  The closing date for applications for races to be included in the 2017 FRA Handbook is Monday 31st October.

Andy Butler (Fixtures Secretary)

Isle of Man Races - Date Changes

The dates of two races on the Isle of Man later this year have changed.  Cringle Hill is now on Saturday 12th November and Eary Beg is on Saturday 3rd December.

Change to the WV60 championship categories for 2017

Following the discussion at the 2016 AGM, stimulated by Wendy Dodds and the subsequent polling of women members aged 50+ it has been decided to make a change to the championship categories for 2017 as follows:
Ranking for the WV60 category is to be calculated on points scored in up to 4 of the 6 races to be listed but only one long race will count.
The situation will be reviewed at the end of 2017.Members who participated are thanked for their input.

Provisional Championship Races for 2017

Sunday 26th March– Long Mynd Valleys  - medium – note; there will be two Long Mynd Valleys races next year. The usual one and this one put on especially for the Championships.
May 27thBarnoldswick Weets – short
June 17thTebay – medium (joint English and British counter)
July 8thWasdale – long
Sept 3rd – Castle Carr – long
Sept 23rd – Great Whernside -short
April 8th –Donard Challenge– short - Ireland
May 6thStuc a Chroin – long- Scotland
June 17thTebay – medium (joint English and British counter)
August 12th – The Maesgwm Muddle –short- Wales
Please be aware that these dates are provisional and will not be official until they appear in the 2017 fixtures calendar.
Jude Jepson
FRA Championships

English Championship A Long Races

Calling all ROs, Clubs and potential ROs. Could you create an AL race?
We are down to maybe only one or two A long races worthy of being selected outside the Lake District. This is largely due to courses and/or competitor numbers being impeded by conservation work.
We would like the Championships to be representative of all English hill and fell terrain. Maybe you could create a new race or adapt an existing AM or BL? Bring in extra income for your club or worthy cause maybe? Please consider:
  • A challenging course, worthy of being a Championship counter.
  • Avoiding high summer, when the Lakes ALs dominate the calendar.
  • A good “clean” course with no congestion or bottlenecks (particularly at the start).
  • Good infrastructure; venue facilities, road access, parking.
  • No severe restrictions on numbers, land access. This will mainly apply in National Parks.
Please consider giving it a go. Thank you.
Jude Jepson ,
FRA. Championships.

Annual Presentation Evening in 2017

The FRA is looking for a volunteer club to organise the Annual Presentation Evening in 2017. The host club can seek advice from the Championship sub-committee, but for guidance the keyresponsibilities and criteria include;
 To take place ideally on the second Saturday in November
 To provide a large banqueting type facility capable of hosting 150-200 people with the option of hotel accommodation and adequate parking
 Cost per head for 3 course meal/band/disco around £25-£30
 Easy access to rural hills and organisation of a fell race or timed with an existing local one that weekend would be an advantage
 To organise and oversee the whole event and appoint an MC
 To publicise the event (via The Fellrunner, FRA Facebook, etc.)
 All medals will be dealt with by the Championship Co-ordinator
Anyone interested should contact in the first instance

Disciplinary report

A report was received that a runner competed in an English Championship race with his race number pinned to his shorts, not his vest. Having found the case proved, the FRA Disciplinary Sub-Committee decided that the runner would be banned from fell races for three months but that the ban should be suspended for a period of twelve months. The ban would come into effect if the runner were to break any of the FRA Requirements for Runners 2015 and 2016 “the Runners’ Rules” during the next twelve months.

Runners are reminded that the Runners’ Rules provide,

4. Race Numbers

Wear your race number on your chest and show it to marshals at check-points.

The race number is an essential part of running the race, to check that runners don’t skip a checkpoint and to keep track of runners who are lagging behind or have dropped out of the event.

If you put on a cagoule over your number be prepared to uncover it to show to race officials at checkpoints, so that the number can be recorded. Don’t fold or cut down numbers as this makes them more difficult to read and also conceals the sponsor’s name. Only shout out your number if you are asked to do so.

Membership Admin

Remember folks if you move house and you want to continue to get your Fellrunner magazines and annual handbook and fixtures calendar, you also need to update your address in SiEntries by clicking on the Edit/Renew button on the left.
I am also getting several queries from members who have noticed payments leaving their accounts and then being returned.  These are invariably old Standing Orders which will no longer work as subs are now collected by Direct Debit.  If this applies to you then you just need tp cancel the old Standing Order with your bank.

Thanks Charmian

Eligibility qualifications for the 2016 English Championships

Eligibility qualifications for the 2016 English Championships are as follows: 
* Individuals 
* 1. First claim member of an English club and registered with England Athletics. Runners must be members of the FRA if they are not registered with England Athletics. 
* 2. First claim member of a club outside England which is registered with the appropriate home country athletics federation and either born in England or have been resident in England for a minimum of twelve months prior to the date of the first Championship race. 
* 3. Members of the FRA who are not a member of a club registered with England Athletics but either born in England or have been resident in England for a minimum of twelve months prior to the date of the first Championship race. 
Runners qualifying under 2. or 3. above must notify the FRA Statistician (See FRA Committee pages towards the front of the handbook for contact details) either in writing or by e-mail prior to the date of the first Championship race.  
Clubs must be affiliated to England Athletics. 

Race Organisers - Documents

Click here to use Jim Godwin's race organiser program