"Events in this Calendar which have been Registered with the FRA are identified by "(R)" after the name of the race in the race details. Most of the listed races in England are Permitted in this way and will take place in accordance with "FRA Safety Requirements and Rules for Competition". Races not identified with "(R)", are included for information only; they are not Registered with the FRA and the FRA cannot vouch for their Permit status."
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  • ER - Experience required
  • NS - Navigational Skills Required
  • LK - Local Knowledge an advantage
  • PM - Course Partially Marked

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Date Race Category Country Region
Sat 05/06/10 Darren's Dash BS England - Not FRA
Sat 05/06/10 Duddon AL England
Sat 05/06/10 Glas Tulaichean Uphill Race AS Scotland
Sat 05/06/10 Kelbrook BS England
Sat 05/06/10 Pen Y Ghent AS England
Sat 05/06/10 Puma Kentmere Trail BM England
Sat 05/06/10 Welsh 1000m Peaks AL Wales
Sat 05/06/10 Wharfedale Off Road 1/2 Marathon BL England
Sat 05/06/10 Wharfedale Off Road Marathon CL England
Sat 05/06/10 Wincle Trout Run BS England
Sun 06/06/10 Edenfield BM England
Sun 06/06/10 Jame's Thorn AS England
Sun 06/06/10 Mallerstang & Nine Standards Yomp BL England - Not FRA
Sun 06/06/10 Shining Cliff Woods 3 BS England
Sun 06/06/10 Uk European Champs. Trial Unknown England
Wed 09/06/10 Boar's Head BM England - Not FRA
Wed 09/06/10 Calver Peak BS England
Wed 09/06/10 Holcombe Two Towers AS England
Thu 10/06/10 Abbey Anniversary AS England
Thu 10/06/10 Hebden Bridge BS England
Thu 10/06/10 Tansley BS England
Fri 11/06/10 Barley Cabin AS England
Sat 12/06/10 Ennerdale Horseshoe AL England
Sat 12/06/10 Foel Fras AL Wales
Sat 12/06/10 Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon MM Scotland
Sat 12/06/10 Man V Horse Marathon BL Wales
Sat 12/06/10 Traprain Law CM Scotland
Sun 13/06/10 Accelerate Edale Race AS England
Sun 13/06/10 Bradford Millenium Way Relay Relay England
Sun 13/06/10 Kinder Trog BL England
Sun 13/06/10 Knowl Hill BM England
Sun 13/06/10 Wharmton Dash AS England
Mon 14/06/10 Trunce 5 BS England
Tue 15/06/10 St Ives Trail CS England
Tue 15/06/10 Up The Beast AS Wales
Tue 15/06/10 Whorlton Run BM England
Wed 16/06/10 Ben Sheann AS Scotland
Wed 16/06/10 Rodneys Pillar Handicap Race AS England - Not FRA
Wed 16/06/10 Weets AS England
Thu 17/06/10 Grindleford CS England
Thu 17/06/10 Walsh Two Lads BS England
Fri 18/06/10 Wicken Hill Whizz AS England
Sat 19/06/10 40th Great Hill Race BS England
Sat 19/06/10 Buckden Pike AS England
Sat 19/06/10 Darren Jones Clougha Pike AS England
Sat 19/06/10 Great Lakes Run AL England
Sat 19/06/10 James Blakeley Fell Race AS England
Sat 19/06/10 Lakeside Gummers Howe AS England
Sat 19/06/10 Moel Hebog AS Wales
Sat 19/06/10 Reservoir Bogs BM England