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Updated after Turner Ladscape  - details here

Hebden Sports 27th August - Change of Organiser/Race Contact

The organiser/race contact for the Hebden Sports race on Monday 27th August has changed to Matt Longthorne.  Full details here.

FRA AGM 2018 – A Reminder

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Use of GPS for route finding in races.

The following statement has now been approved by the FRA Executive Committee for implementation for all FRA registered races with effect from 2019.
A new line will be introduced into the table of Race Categories which are currently race length (SML) and ascent (ABC).  The new category will be G (GPS allowed) or NG (GPS or other electronic device not allowed).  The RO will select either option at the time of race registration and licence application and this will be clearly published in the Calendar and in the Race Listings on the website.
If a fell race is designated non-GPS (NG) then the use of any electronic device to aid route finding will be prohibited.  The use of such a device to display compass, distance travelled, time, speed or altitude will be allowed, as will recording of actual route for post-race analysis.  If such a device is used for route finding in an emergency situation then that competitor should retire from the race and declare themselves non-competitive.
To be clear, either a G or an NG category race will still be eligible for Championship status and it will be up to the relevant RO’s to decide for their own races.  MRAG will insist on a ban for the navigation leg at the British Fell Relays and for the 2018 Relays, electronic navigation will not be permitted for any of the legs.

Disciplinary Notice

Robert Simpson of Shettlestone Harriers has received a two month ban for retiring from a race (Darren Holloway Memorial Race) and failing to inform the race organiser. This is a contravention of Rule 5. 

Killer Mile 15th August - Change of Organiser/Race Contact

The organiser/race contact for the Killer mile on Wednesday 15th August has changed to Richie Stevenson.  Full details here.

Ian Roberts Memorial Race Rescheduled - Now 16th September

The Ian Roberts Memorial Race that was cancelled in March has now been rescheduled and will take place on Sunday 16th September.  All other details except the organier's email address are unchanged.  Full details here.

Weasdale Horseshoe 18th August - Change of Location

The location of the Ravenstonedale Show, venue for the Weasdale Horseshoe race, has changed location to GR NY699058.  The route has therefore changed, and will be run clockwise this year.  Full details here.

James' Thorn - Change of Date to 5th August

The James' Thorn race has been put back by a week to Sunday 5th August.  Full details here.

Dunnerdale 10th November - Now Pre-entry Only and Change of Race Contact/Organiser

The dunnerdale race on Saturday 10th November is now pre-entry only, and the race contact/organiser has changed to John Millen.  Full details here.

Crow Hill Reverse 7th August - Cancelled

The Crow Hill Reverse race sheduled for Tuesday 7th August has been cancelled.

Stanhope Show - Correction to Date, Should Be 9th September

The Stanhope Show race is on Sunday 9th September, not on 16th as previously published.  Full details here.

FRA Junior Do

Please note this year’s Junior Do will be held on Saturday 15 September at Marl Pits, Rossendale (BB4 7SN). I’d like to thank Graham Wright and Rossendale Harriers for hosting us again. (Not July as stated elsewhere).
We’ll look to start at 10 a.m. finishing about 2.30. The event is open to anyone who has taken part in this year’s series and is paid for the Fell Runners Association. 
Provisional format for the day will be published nearer the time but will include collection of t shirts and hoodies,  a review of the series this year, reliving the highs (and lows) of each race, the awards ceremony, some fun and stimulating activities, a guest speaker and lunch.
More details to follow, hope to see you all there!

Hot weather guidance

Please read the following

Junior t-shirts and hoodies.

Anyone who has completed 4 races in the FRA English Junior Championship can claim a series T-shirt, and anyone who has completed 6 races can also get a hoodie. Before Clougha there are already 78 juniors who have completed all 4 races, and a further 174 who can complete 4 races before the end of the series. Don’t miss out – claim your reward!

When you have completed 4 or 6 races please go to the FRA Shop on the Coniston Corporate website and order the garment and the size you want.

Don’t forget – please put the competitors name in the ‘first name/last name’ boxes. Your order will be checked to verify the number of races and FRA membership before being processed. Orders cost a £1 handling charge only. All T-shirts and hoodies ordered before Wednesday 4th July can be collected at the FRA Junior Do (Saturday 14th July). If you won’t be at the Do, or would prefer to receive your order at home, you can pay for postage on the site. After 4th July you can still order garments up to 15th August, but you will need to pay postage. Contact Charmian  for any queries.

Junior Sub committee

A new sub committee is being formed to support The Fell Runners Association’s Junior Co-ordinator. The Junior Co-ordinator’s role covers a number of things, including choosing the Championship races each year and organisation of the English  Schools Fell Running Championship. Up to 5 members drawn from parents, coaches and supporters of the junior sport are sought, ideally with no two being from the same geographical area. If you are interested please email


The Annual General Meeting of the Fell Runners Association Limited will take place on Saturday 18th August 2018 at Marl Pits, Newchurch Road, Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 7SN commencing at 2.00 pm.
The business to be transacted at the Annual General Meeting will include
(i) Consideration of the Chair’s report
(ii) Consideration of the General Secretary’s report
(iii) Consideration and adoption of the Accounts for 2017 and any report of the auditor
(iv) The election of Officers
(v) The election of the remainder of the Executive Committee
(vi) The appointment of an auditor
(vii)     Proposed amendment of the Articles of Association of The Fell Runners Association Limited by Special Resolution
Special Resolution
Amendment of the Articles of Association requires a special resolution which must be approved by 75% of members present at the meeting or voting by proxy. The purpose of the amendment to the Articles is to enable the Executive Committee to meet by means of teleconference call as well as in person. The text of the proposed special resolution is as follows,
“That Article 50 of the Articles of Association of The Fell Runners Association Limited be deleted and replaced by the following,
50 The quorum for a meeting of the Executive Committee, and any vote on any matter at such meetings, shall be any six members of the Executive Committee either present in person or linked simultaneously by telephone or other electronic means such that those so linked may be able to hear and speak to all the other members so linked throughout the meeting.”
The Articles of Association of the Fell Runners Association may be viewed at under the FRA/Documents tab.
Nominations for the various positions must be submitted in writing on a nomination form available from the General Secretary ( The completed nomination forms must be returned to the General Secretary by no later than 21st July 2018.
Proxy Voting
All members of the Fell Runners Association may appoint a proxy to speak and vote on her or his behalf at the Annual General Meeting. Proxy forms may be obtained from the General Secretary ( and once completed must be returned to the General Secretary by no later than 10th August 2018. 
A full agenda will be published in due course.
Open Discussion
After the formal business of the Annual General Meeting there will be an open discussion of matters related to fell running. Members, who wish to discuss particular topics, are requested to inform the General Secretary ( by no later than 10th August 2018.

Ricky's Race 9th August - Change of Organiser/Race Contact and Venue

The organiser/race contact for Ricky's Race on Thursday 9th August has changed to Andy Mellor and the venue has changed to the Square and Compass in Darley Dale.  Full details here.  Note that the limit is 200 runners, and entry on the day will only be available if the race isn't full.

Dufton Show 25th August - Change of Organiser/Race Contact

The organiser/race contact for the Dufton Show race on Saturday 25th August has changed to Susanna Foot.  Full details here.

A reminder: Club vests

Please note: to qualify for team points in Championship rankings each compeditor must wear the vest that his/her club has registered with British Athletics. This is a ruling of British Athletics to which the FRA is affiliated.
Anyone not wearing the registered club vest will not count for team points in the Championship rankings.
We fully appreciate that in certain weather conditions additional layers may be required.

Amended Forms

In order that the FRA complies with the General Data Protection Regulation which comes into force on 25th May 2018, the FRA Senior and Junior Race Entry Requirements and Forms and the FRA Race Organiser Guidelines have been amended. The amended forms may be viewed under the FRA Documentation tab.

Not Round Latrigg 15th August - Change of Organiser/Race Contact

The organiser/race contact for the Not Round Latrigg race on Wednesday 15th August has changed to Julie Carter. Full details here.

Announcing changes to the British Championship from 2019

For more details click here

Salcombe Coastal Marathons 5th May and 20th October - Cancelled

It is with regret that the organiser has cancelled the Salcombe Coastal Marathons scheduled for Saturday 5th May and Saturday 20th October due to ill health.

Axnfell - Change of Date and Earlier Start

The Axnfell race will now take place on Saturday 15th September and will start at 8am.  Full details here.

Dunnerdale 10th November - Change of Race Contact/Organiser and Venue

The organiser/race contact for the Dunnerdale race on Saturday 10th November has changed to Jamie Baron and registration will now be at the Broughton Mills Village Hall.  Full details of the race here.

Membership matters

Each year club membership secretaries complete and submit a return to England Athletics - read more

Championship eligibility clarification.

In response to a question raised by one club other clubs may want to note the following statement.

-          Eligibility for English Juniors over U13 is the same as for English Senior Champs.  Younger age groups in the Challenge only have to be members of the club they run for.

-          Individuals must be registered with EA or members of the FRA.  Some clubs only register (i.e. pay for) members who request it – it is not necessary for a club to pay EA for a member who is has already joined the FRA.  If a runner is registered with EA eligibility is the same no matter which club paid the registration fee.

-          Runners can only count for their first claim fell club, but the inflexibility in the EA/UKA system of administering first/first claim other can cause problems.  The FRA Rules (Handbook page 14) has been amended for 2018 to read

“d. Team eligibility.  Runners may count for a team for their first claim fell running Club only. This Club must be affiliated to England Athletics or other National Association. For runners who are simultaneously members of two clubs, in the event of ambiguity over which club has ‘first claim’ status an appeal should be made to the Membership Secretary at the start of the season”   

The FRA has made a request for a rule change on this issue which is going through the EA/UKA process at the moment, but with no certainty that our proposals will be accepted.


Steve Cliff. Fundraising for the MNDA.

I am sure that some FRA members would want to make a donation to support Steve's amazing fundraising efforts for the MNDA. 

Steve Cliff. Bowland

Members may have heard the sad news that Steve Cliff, until recently our Secretary,  has died after a long illness with Motor Neurone Disease.
Steve will be known to many of us as a friend, runner, instigator, with his wife Wynn, of the Anniversary Waltz races which came from a run on their wedding day and, latterly, his work for the FRA since 2015 as Race Liaison Officer and then Secretary.
He will be missed and our thoughts are with his family and others close to him.
Steve was an amazing fundraiser for the MNDA. On the basis that members would want the opportunity to make a donation in Steve's memory I am in contact with the family and will make a further statement on this.
We will arrange to have a more detailed statement in the next FR. If you have any anecdotes about Steve that should be included please send them to me or the Fellrunner Editor.
Nick Harris Chair.

Committee vacancies 2018

The AGM to be held in Sept. 2018 will be looking to fill a number of vacancies.

The ones we know of at present are:

Secretary - immediate vacancy due to Steve Cliff resigning on the grounds of ill health. Replacement of the Secretary and offers of administrative support to the new Secretary urgently sought.

Chair, Treasurer and Fixtures Secretary - these vacancies will be due for election at the AGM.

If you might be interested please contact me, or the post holders for the latter two posts.

If you are interested you would be able to shadow those post holders still in post, including attending the next two Committee meetings. 

Nick Harris Chair or on 07956344174

Race Changes Since Handbook Went To Press

The following changes have taken place to races listed in the 2018 handbook.  Go to the Races page for full details.  In addition to these changes, you can find races that missed the handbook deadline by going to the Races page and using the Race updates filter on the left side of the page.

Sun 21st Jan, Peak Raid 4, change of date from Dec 2017

Sun 18th Feb, Litton (Post) Christmas Cracker, change of date from Dec 2017

Sat 7th April, Pendle, change of contact/organiser

Sun 6th May, Clough Head, change to web address, entry fee, distance, ascent

Thurs 21st June, Grindleford, updated entry details

Fri 22nd June, Snowdon Twilight, change of date from 8th June

Sat 14th July, Wasdale, change of pre-entry dates

Sun 5th Aug, Saddleworth Round, change of date from 15th July

First on the Scene

What to do if you are First on the Scene of an incident on the fells -
essential reading here.

Welfare policy - Transgender and Anti Doping

The Committee have agreed that the FRA will be following the UKA policies on Transgender - and Anti Doping -
This replaces the item in the 2017 Handbook on P 24 Apps 3 and 4 and as previously set out in the Welfare policy - The policy will be updated.


Following the FRA committee meeting on 4/12/16 and in light of recent publicity surrounding historical sexual abuse at football clubs, the committee clarified that any allegations of a similar nature within the sport of fell running will be taken extremely seriously and investigated appropriately.

We have already liaised with UKA and an update and explanation of his role will be provided by the newly appointed Welfare Officer in the Spring Fellrunner.

Any enquiries should be directed to Ed Gamble (

Race Organisers - Documents

Click here to use Jim Godwin's race organiser program