Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - user guide


  1. The Fell Runners Association (FRA) governs fell racing in England and the Isle of Man. Some of the answers on this page may differ in other home nations; where relevant, please check with the Race Organiser or with the Welsh FRA (WFRA), Scottish Hill Runners (SHR) or Northern Ireland Mountain Running Association (NIMRA).

  2. Whilst these FAQ pages are intended to provide informal guidance and extra context, they are not a “controlled document”. For any questions on rules and procedures, the latest FRA documentation remains the authority.

For questions relating to COVID-19, please see our dedicated page here.

FAQ pages...:

For questions not covered in these FAQ pages, or for confirmation, please contact the relevant member of the FRA Committee (or the Secretary for general enquiries).

FAQ for non-members of the FRA

Q: How do I join the FRA?

Go to the Membership page and click 'Join Online'. If you have any difficulties, please contact the FRA Membership Secretary on [email protected].

We also offer family memberships for people living at the same address.

Q: Why should I join?

FRA members receive the following benefits (amongst others):

  • • Three issues of The Fellrunner magazine per year (100+ pages per issue in full colour).
  • • The annual FRA Handbook and Fixtures Calendar.
  • • Cheaper entry fees for some races.
  • • Priority entry for English Championship races and some other FRA races.
  • • Discounts on FRA training courses (for e.g. First Aid and Navigation).
  • • Access to a wealth of information to help you stay safe on the fells.

But most of all, we encourage you to join to support your sport and the voluntary body that governs it.

And all this for only £16 per year!

Q: Why are some races more expensive for non-members of the FRA?

From 2021, some FRA races will charge slightly higher entry fees to non-members of the FRA. This partly reflects the very significant financial contribution that members make to the FRA, many of the benefits of which are also available to non-members. The FRA is a volunteer organisation funded mostly by members’ subscriptions, and there are considerable administrative costs involved.

Another reason is that the FRA has no means to communicate with non-members. Fell running is not a risk-free sport and it is vital that participants understand the risks. The FRA publishes a magazine (The Fellrunner) three times a year as well as an annual Handbook; these contain the FRA rules and a wealth of safety information as well as articles which help to convey the nature of the sport and how to stay safe on the fells. Occasionally, we may also email our members with key messages. We therefore strongly encourage active fell runners to join the FRA to benefit from these communications, to keep the sport both safe and fair for everyone.