The Fell Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) and Fell Coaching in Running Fitness (CiRF) coaching courses for 2024.

LiRF Fell module course dates:







Please note that in order to enrol on this course you should already have one of the following UKA qualifications:-
Leadership in running fitness - Coaching Assistant - Athletics Coach Endurance - Coach in Running Fitness - Level 2 Endurance. If you need to gain one of these qualifications you should book on the standard courses via this link on the EA website (or the equivalent in the other Home Countries).

To complete the off-road qualification you will also need a 2-day Outdoor First Aid certificate (such as that offered by the FRA and also from several external suppliers) - this can be done after the off-road module.  The Coach-level off-road module is now in development - if you are a CiRF and expect to take the CiRF off-road module please note that the LiRF off-road module is a pre-requisite.

The cost of the module is £100 for FRA members, and £120 for non-members.  To obtain an FRA member discount code to enable you to book on the course at the lower price please click here.

For further enquiries please contact [email protected].