Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - user guide


  1. The Fell Runners Association (FRA) governs fell racing in England and the Isle of Man. Some of the answers on this page may differ in other home nations; where relevant, please check with the Race Organiser or with the Welsh FRA (WFRA), Scottish Hill Runners (SHR) or Northern Ireland Mountain Running Association (NIMRA).

  2. Whilst these FAQ pages are intended to provide informal guidance and extra context, they are not a “controlled document”. For any questions on rules and procedures, the latest FRA documentation remains the authority.

For questions relating to COVID-19, please see our dedicated page here.

FAQ pages...:

For questions not covered in these FAQ pages, or for confirmation, please contact the relevant member of the FRA Committee (or the Secretary for general enquiries).

FAQ for FRA members

Q: I'm an FRA member and I have moved house or changed my contact details. What should I do?

Update your profile on SiEntries (here) by clicking "My Entries / Memberships" and then Edit/Renew.

Q: Do I need my membership number / card to race?

At every fell race you will need to complete a form which asks for your FRA membership number. This is so that we can determine the numbers of members and non-members competing in FRA races. (There are several reasons we need to do this, including some complex ones relating to tax!)

At races which offer cheaper entry fees for FRA members, you will need to present proof of FRA membership to take advantage of the lower price (if paying on the day). (For races which accept pre-entries online, you will be asked for your membership number at the point of entry and this will be verified to allow you to pay the FRA members’ price.)

Electronic proof of your membership is sufficient. This can be displayed on any smartphone by following the instructions below. We suggest you download your FRA membership card to your device for future reference, since there is no mobile data signal at some races.

If you do not have either your printed card or an electronic version, you will be asked to pay the non-members’ price (if different). If FRA membership is required as part of a series, for example the FRA’s “[email protected]” anniversary series, you will need to contact the series organiser after the race and plead your case.

Q: How do I check my FRA membership number / access my FRA membership card?

Follow these instructions (whether on the desktop or the mobile site):

  1. 1. Go to and log in.
  2. 2. Click on 'My Entries / Memberships' under ‘My Details’ on the left-hand side. (Ignore the number in brackets above, which is your SiEntries account number.)
  3. 3. Under 'Active Memberships', click 'Fell Runners Association 2020'. Your FRA membership number will be displayed.
  4. 4. Scroll down and click 'Membership Cards', then 'Download / Print' to download to any device, from where you have the option to print / laminate.

Q: I’ve found I'm still paying my annual subscription by Standing Order as well as Direct Debit. Please can you correct this?

The FRA's account for Standing Orders is no longer active, so any payments should have been refunded by your bank. Please contact the Membership Secretary here for more details.