FRA 50 @ 50

Race Series to celebrate the 50th Anniversary 1970 – 2020


List of Races

The FRA is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2020 and as part of the celebrations we have introduced a fun series of 50 races where FRA members can take part and earn themselves points or simply credits towards some commemorative merchandise. Massive thanks to James Lowe for putting together the list and also for taking on the massive task of collating the data.

We have included all 17 surviving races which were in the 1970 FRA calendar, plus the six English Championship races, plus another 28 races (Ennerdale is both a Champs race and a 1970 race) from a wide geographical spread and starting on New Years Day with Captain Cook’s Race from Great Ayton in North Yorkshire and ending with the Auld Lang Syne on Penistone Hill on New Years Eve.

Of special note is the Pendle race on 4th April 2020 which will be exactly 50 years since the FRA was formed following the prize-giving for this very race at the Whitehough Camp School, near Barley. Further details can be found in Bill Smith’s article “Forty years of the FRA” in the special Celebration publication from 2010. Results from the 1970 races can also be found in this excellent publication now available on the FRA website.

It has also been brought to my attention that Kevan Shand (RO for both the Blackstone Edge and Turnslack races) is the longest serving race organiser. I understand that his prize list is something to behold with toilet rolls a speciality 😊

Points will be awarded to FRA members based upon the following formula:
The winner’s time (man or woman) divided by your time x 100
Runners will be awarded their 10 best scores plus 20% of the value of any other score.
There will be awards for the highest scoring men and women in Open/V40/V50/V60/V70 categories (age as at 01-Jul-2020) and conditional on at least 15 of the races completed.
Any runner who completes 15/25/30+ races will be presented with commemorative FRA garments.

Due to the fact that there are several unavoidable clashes, no-one will be able to complete all 50 races (not even Darren Fishwick) but we hope that members will help us to celebrate our own anniversary together with the longevity of some wonderful races around the country.

Have fun
Charmian Heaton