Disciplinary notice – Mike Duffy

Tue 12 Apr 2022

Regrettably, an FRA disciplinary panel has banned Mr Mike Duffy from all FRA races until further notice, and for a minimum period of two years.


This follows an incident at a recent FRA event where Mr Duffy ran the race without an entry, including running through the finish funnel and lying to officials both at the start and finish of the race. This caused great confusion to the RO and timing provider.


The length of the ban in part reflects the potential consequences of these actions, which could have been extremely serious. This is especially true since one runner was unaccounted for at the end of this winter race whilst Mr Duffy was incorrectly counted amongst the finishers, leading to a significant delay in the missing runner's absence being noticed.


The FRA would like to remind all our members and runners that any behaviour of this nature should be brought to the attention of the Race Organiser at the earliest opportunity, especially if there is a risk to safety.