"Events in this Calendar which have been Registered with the FRA are identified by "(R)" after the name of the race in the race details. Most of the listed races in England are Permitted in this way and will take place in accordance with "FRA Safety Requirements and Rules for Competition". Races not identified with "(R)", are included for information only; they are not Registered with the FRA and the FRA cannot vouch for their Permit status."
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  • ER - Experience required
  • NS - Navigational Skills Required
  • LK - Local Knowledge an advantage
  • PM - Course Partially Marked

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Date Race Category Country Region
Sun 25/07/10 Great Hucklow BM England
Sun 25/07/10 Gritstone Tryal BL England
Sun 25/07/10 James Herriot Run CM England
Sun 25/07/10 Kentmere AM England
Sun 25/07/10 Wormstones AS England
Mon 26/07/10 Trunce 7 BS England
Wed 28/07/10 Green Green Grass Of Home AS Wales
Wed 28/07/10 Harrock Hill 3 BS England
Thu 29/07/10 Heart Of The Lakes Rydal Round AM England
Thu 29/07/10 Stoney Middleton BS England
Sat 31/07/10 Beetham Sports BS England
Sat 31/07/10 Ben Rinnes Five Tops AL Scotland
Sat 31/07/10 Dollar AM Scotland
Sat 31/07/10 Great West AS England
Sat 31/07/10 North Barrule AS England
Sat 31/07/10 Push-up-the-pincyn BM Wales
Sun 01/08/10 Round Hill BM England
Tue 03/08/10 Bradwell BS England
Tue 03/08/10 Crow Hill Reverse BS England
Tue 03/08/10 Gribdale Gallop BM England
Tue 03/08/10 Parwich Junior Unknown England
Tue 03/08/10 Parwich Panoramic Five CS England
Wed 04/08/10 Cracken Edge BM England
Wed 04/08/10 Whittle Pike AS England
Thu 05/08/10 Chevin Hill BS England
Sat 07/08/10 Borrowdale AL England
Sat 07/08/10 Creag Dhubh AS Scotland
Sat 07/08/10 Hellifield Gala BS England
Sat 07/08/10 Osmotherley Show BS England
Sat 07/08/10 Seven Sevens AL Northern Ireland
Sun 08/08/10 Bingley Show BS England
Sun 08/08/10 Boulsworth BM England
Sun 08/08/10 Forest Burn BS England
Sun 08/08/10 Gb World Champs Trial Unknown Wales
Sun 08/08/10 Long Tour Of Bradwell BL England
Sun 08/08/10 Lowther Trail - Cancelled CL England
Tue 10/08/10 Bransdale CM England
Wed 11/08/10 Pilgrims Cross BM England
Wed 11/08/10 Ponderosa BS Wales
Wed 11/08/10 Steel Fell AS England
Sat 14/08/10 Arncliffe Gala AS England
Sat 14/08/10 Broughton Mills AS England Unknown
Sat 14/08/10 Sticklepath Horseshoe BM England
Sat 14/08/10 Sugar Loaf BM Wales
Sat 14/08/10 Y Garn AS Wales
Sun 15/08/10 Belper Rugby Rover CL England - Not FRA
Sun 15/08/10 Lakeland Country Fair AM England
Sun 15/08/10 Lomonds Of Fife AM Scotland
Sun 15/08/10 Worsthorne Moor BM England
Mon 16/08/10 Trunce 8 BS England